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August 2011 FNSI – What I Worked On

I actually got an early start on my FNSI. My friend Carole had a girls embroidery day at her house. She opens up her sewing room (a recent addition built onto her house just for embroidery) early in the morning and she has room for several of us to join her for the day.

I arrived with no real plan for the day. I had a few things in mind, and grabbed what seemed like my entire sewing room to take along. I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget anything.

I had a kitchen towel in my stash so I decided to embroider this chef onto it.

It is part of a set of bonus designs from AnitaGoodesign.


Next, I decided to try a cutwork design, also from AnitaGoodesign.

I had brought a piece of white linen, and stitched this scarecrow head from the Autumn Cutwork Medallions Designs disc.


I am planning on making a fabric covers for my sewing machines. The first one will be for this machine, since it is not too large or oddly shaped.

I kind of have an idea in mind, using several sewing themed embroidery designs, but I will figure it out as I go along. I only got 2 of these designs stitched out so far.

These designs are from another set of bonus designs from AnitaGoodesign. I have several more designs to stitch out, but that will have to be another day.

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