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I Bought a Dress Form!

Recently, I have been wanting a dress form. I spent a fair amount of time looking at photos on Flickr and sewing blogs to see what kind other people were using. I read reviews of the more commonly available dress forms, and even researched making my own duct tape double. I decided on the Singer DF150/151 Adjustable Dress Form. I wavered between the larger one, that should be my size, and the smaller one that allows room for padding it out in the same areas that I am “padded”. There is a kit from that can be purchased for use on any dress form to build it out to the desired size/shape. I bit the bullet and ordered the smaller dress form from for only $129 with no tax and no shipping. I would probably order the Fabulous Fit kit for an additional $89 at a later time. I placed my order for the dress form and was happy with the decision, until I received an e-mail the following Monday informing me that it was on back order and would ship in about 3-4 weeks. I did not want to wait that long, and I felt that the order page should have indicated that it was not in stock, so I cancelled the order.

Within a day or two, I came across a couple of ads on for dress forms. The one closest to me was already sold. The other one, which looked to be a great deal, was WAY over on the other side of town, about an hour away but I responded to the ad anyway. It was still available, but the seller and I were having difficulty arranging a time that would work for both of us. We finally agreed on “weekend after next”. In the mean time, she had others that were interested and could have sold it to any one of them to have it out of her house sooner, but she was SO NICE to hold it for me until the agreed upon time. Well, I went and picked it up today, and I am SO happy with this purchase.

“Naked” Dress Form:


Unpadded Dress Form with cover on:


Fabulous Fit kit:


Dress Form with Fabulous Fit Kit built out for previous owner (my padding out will probably be bigger). The cover is over the pads:


I got the dress form AND the Fabulous Fit kit, all in like new condition, for only $80 plus gas/time to drive there and back! I am very happy that the first purchase did not work out, this is a MUCH nicer form than the Singer DF150. So basically, I paid for the pads and got the dress form free.

She even included the instructions for adding the pads plus other information for making her the same size/shape as me that she found online including tips and tricks from a reviewer on

Additional Tips for Dress Forms.


  1. That’s a very nice dressform! Really nicely done too and I absolutely adore your sewing room…so well organized and clean, clean, clean which I love!!! I to am an organization “junkie”!!!

    Thanks so much for your very kind words on my blog it’s much appreciated!! Also, if you like those jeans from that older post, did you get to see the new cargo capris I made from the same Jalie Jean pattern I just posted?? If not, take a look..

    I hope you’re able to take the “blue print to blue jeans” class, it’s a must for making great fitting jeans!! It definitely was for me!! Good luck and thank you again!

    • Myra,
      Yes, I did also see your capris and the jeans that you made then faded. They both look great on you, as does everything I have seen that you have made. You are truly an inspiration.
      I am thinking that when I do try this pattern (Jalie 2908), it will also be for capris. I live in Arizona and white capris are a must.
      The jeans class just started again last week, so I am too late for this one. I am waiting to see when they will have it again.

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