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July 2011 FNSI: What I Worked On

What I worked on for FNSI: B 5046 Front Wrap Top with Insert at Waist

I want to get back into sewing clothing for myself again, but it has been a while and I have put on weight since my last completed/wearable project, so I decided to see if this pattern would fit.

I cut this pattern out about 2 years ago and it has been sitting in one of my PHD (Projects Half Done) bins ever since.

I don’t really like the fullness of the lower part of the top, but I thought I might like it as a dress. To save fabric in case the fit was way off, I decided that I would first try this pattern as a top made from an inexpensive fabric ~ I guess that would qualify it as a muslin.

When I pulled this out of the PHD bin, I thought that even if I did not like this top when finished, going through the steps of marking and sewing it would re-familiarize me with the process of garment sewing.

My skills are a bit rusty, but working on this project has fanned the flame of my interest to make more clothes for myself.

It is not finished, yet, and I thought about not finishing it at all because it really looks home made, but I can use the practice placing and stitching the button holes and binding the armholes, etc. Maybe it will be an around the house top.



  1. FNSI is a great way to get any kind of sewing or project done. I like that pattern… looks very comfy…. just my style.
    I worked on several blocks for a quilt I’m developing… now I just have to clean up my sewing area…. ah, well!

  2. June your top looks great,what a nice pattern,well done

  3. I liked your top and pictures of your sewing room. I now know some of the FNSI member do clothing. Cool beans. Thank you for your comment, it looked like a lot but not really.

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