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“Where I Sew” Photo Mosaic

During the month of July, you are invited to add a photo of your sewing space to the mosaic at Where I Sew.

I just found this site tonight and I decided I better quickly neaten my sewing space so I can take some photos and add my room to the mosaic.

We moved into this house earlier this year and my sewing room was the first room to get a new floor and paint on the walls.


This is the wall I see as I enter the room.


I made this Thread Rack a couple of years ago so I would have somewhere handy to store my embroidery thread. It was originally one large piece when I lived in my house, then I cut it into 2 pieces so they could sit on the sewing desk when we moved into my husband’s house. Now that we are living in OUR house, it is back on the wall again. It fits perfectly behind the open door.


Lots of storage bins and shelve units in the double wide closet. I need to organize and purge my fabric and supplies.  The bins make it look way more organized than it really is.  The other side of the closet is just as full of bins as this side is.


My computer desk.

Right now, I have 2 printers, but will be moving the silver one out as soon as I can figure somewhere else in the house to keep it and still use it. The curtains on the large arched window are temporary, until I can figure out what I really want there. The white drawer unit under the desk is more embroidery thread.


I have several embroidery design discs and miscellaneous other “stuff” on the shelves above the serger and sewing machine. Right now the work table is a hollow core door sitting on top of 2 file cabinets. I am keeping my serger threads and accessories in the tubs below the serger. The black drawer unit under the sewing machine contains scissors, rotary cutters and many other sewing notions.


The tall bookcase holds my sewing books, several instructional vhs tapes and dvd’s.

The mess on the floor in front of my books is some of my latest Goodwill treasures waiting to be re-purposed.


The desk that my Brother Duetta 4500D Embroidery machine sits on is made from a recycled desk top sitting on top of 2 Ikea drawer units. These units hold a ton of stuff and I hope to get 2 more to replace the file cabinets in the under the hollow core door.


Back to where we started.

I keep most of my magazines in the short bookcase by the door. The white drawer unit in front of the magazines has no where else to go, so I am making use of it by keeping my cutting/pressing mat on top, and the iron can plug in close by. The larger 2 bottom drawers are both full of sewing patterns.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing room. I will also be posting these photos on my Flickr page if you would like to see more details.

Thanks for looking!



  1. You do have a lot of plastic bins 😉 I like the shelves you made for your thread. Mine is all piled in a too-small thread organizer that needs to be sorted/purged/multiplied!

  2. The biggest problem with having that many bins is that it means that I have that much stuff. I really need to go through all of them and sort and purge. But that will be for another day.

    • You may have a lot of stuff but it is beautifully organized. A woman after my own heart. Sorting and purging? On going problem for me. LOL

  3. Wow! You have a beautiful space to sew in! And so neat and organized. I’m impressed – and I’m not showing you my space, LOL.

  4. Your sewing room shows that you are pretty serious about embroidery …and what a collection of threads you have! Really enjoyed this post – thank you =D

  5. Looks great! How did you make your thread rack that is behind your door?

    • Sylvia,
      This thread rack has been through a couple of transformations. It was originally one large unit.

      Because of a move, I didn’t have wall space to hang it, so I cut it in half, so it could sit on top of my sewing table, behind the machine.

      After one more move, it is now 2 units acting as one, back behind a door.

      To make it in it’s original form, I bought some 1×4 boards and started by making the frame. The bottom shelf sits inside the long side boards and the top is cut slighly wider, to sit on top rather than between the side boards. The “shelves” were cut to width to fit between the side rails. Once the frame was made, with it laying on the floor, I spaced the shelves according to the height of the spools of thread, plus about a half inch or so. I pre-drilled and used screws, from the outside, through the side rails, into the shelves to hold them in place. Once the unit was assembled, I added a thin sheet of furniture backing board to help it maintain it’s shape. I used one more board just under the top shelf, to attach it to the wall. I finished it by painting it white.

      Hope that helps. If you have any more questions about it, let me know.


  1. Thread Storage, Wrap Up Studio Organization Series and Give-Aways / Quilting Gallery

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