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June 2011 FNSI ~ The Results

I started out easy.

At Goodwill, I found 2 unembellished white fabric squares that were in the cloth napkin section for only 49 cents each.

My husband always says that you can tell how fancy a restaurant is by their napkins, cloth means it is fancy, paper means it is not so fancy.

I bought these and digitized a monogram with the initial for our last name so I could tell him that eating at home was “fancy”.

The other project that I worked on was a pillow for my mom, made from fabric left over from a round tablecloth that I just made for her. I was just winging it as I went along, not really knowing what I would end up with.

I just cut a square of the fabric and embroidered it on point. The design I used is a combination of a frame design and a font design, both built into the machine.

I made piping in a contrasting color to add visual interest and to bring the design back to square.

I also used the piping for the perimeter of the pillow.

A zipper in the back allows for a pillow form to be put inside instead of just stuffing it and then trying to stitch the opening in the seam.

I still need to make and insert the pillow form, but I am pleasantly surprised with how this turned out.





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  1. That pillow case is lovely – the piping works really well!

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