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June 2011 FNSI is Tonight

As I was sitting here this morning kind of planning out my day, I suddenly remembered that today is Friday.   Not just any Friday, but the Friday that I KNOW I will be sewing because I am signed up for the Friday Night Sew In!

Handmade by Heidi

I have a ton of things that I would like to sew and I am thinking if I list them here, I may actually make them at some point in time.

I am hoping to make one or more of the following tonight:

~Seat Belt Wrapper (to keep the seat belt from digging into my neck while driving)

~An embroidered pillow for my Mom (made from fabric left over from a round table cloth I just made for her)

~Embroidered Hand Towels for the Hall Bathroom

~A New Summer Top for Me

~A New Purse

~Butterfly Potholder from Pretty Little Potholders book

~Fabric Tray for storing small items on desk or dresser

~Fabric Storage Bins using this tutorial

~A cute, simple, Fabric Bowl that I just saw on Martha’s Sewing Room

~Covered Hanger with hidden storage

~A Recycled Denim Apron that I saw at the Bernina Area inside Joann’s last week


This is a pretty enthusiastic list and I know I will be lucky to finish just one of the items listed so check back tomorrow to see what I did get finished.  I may just keep and edit this list so that when I get time to sew, I can just check the list and get busy sewing.

Click the button above to sign up and sew along with us tonight.

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