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My FNSI Projects

I have been wanting to improve my technique for making zippered top bags/pouches. I have made these on occasion in the past, and was never really happy with how the zipper looked when the bag was finished. Tonight I made 2 bags that are basically the same. Both were embroidered with the same design, the fabrics were similar but different colors and the second zipper turned out much better than the first.

I have seen tutorials and read in instructions in books that demonstrate putting a fabric cover on the zipper ends.

I made the white bag first. Because the zipper cover was too short it didn’t make the zipper lay the way I wanted it to.

On the purple bag, I left more of the zipper cover at each end and it looks much nicer and neater, but I think that next time I will make them just a bit shorter so that the zip top can open wider.

There are a million uses for these bags and now that I am happier with the end result, I will be making many more for myself and for others.


  1. creativeinstincts

    How pretty ! And the zippers are absolutely neat …

  2. love these bags well done they look great

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