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My Most Recent Goodwill Treasures

I don’t remember how or why it started, but recently I have been stopping by my local Goodwill to look for fabric and other treasures.

I purchased a wool jacket  for only $3.99 which I took apart and am in the process of using the wool to make embroidered pouches and other small projects.  I also found a length of fabric that was good for making new covers for the pillows that we keep on the couches for tv watching.  I have a few other treasures that are tucked away for now, so are also temporarily gone from my short term memory.  I will probably make a blog post about them soon.

I am trying to figure out the tag color pricing/purging system that Goodwill uses so that I can get the best deal on my “treasures”. I realize that if I find something I am really interested in, I need to buy it now.  But, on the other hand, if I come across something I am willing to wait for, and am willing to risk it being gone by time it is at its rock bottom price, I am hoping that I can get some really nice new stash for my sewing room for next to nothing.

Well, Fridays are the day that the “tag color of the week” changes.  This week’s color is orange.  Anything with an orange tag is 50% off all week long this week.  On Thursdays, any item with the weeks current tag color is only $1.

It seems that the inventory is pretty fresh on Friday mornings, so I have been trying to stop by close to opening time since that is also my day off from work.   Today I walked out with a full cart of goodies. I was wanting a 2 wheeled luggage carrier to make it easier to transport my sewing/embroidery machine to class/sewing get togethers. I looked at Target this morning and they had a really nice one for $39, which is WAY more that I was wanting to spend.  I found one at Goodwill this morning for just $4.99 (purple tag). I also grabbed a bag of 50 tealights for $1.99 (also, purple tag).

I picked up an end table ($5.99, I forgot tag color) , that I want to use as a “cat food station”. I have a dog and 2 cats. The cats eat constantly throughout the day, but the problem with leaving food out for them all of the time is that the dog will also eat it. In an effort to keep the cat food out of the dog’s reach, we have had to elevate the cat food but have not had a good way of doing this until now.

The table is tall enough that the dog cannot get to the cat food, but it is small enough to not be too intusive in the space. Since the décor of my kitchen includes black appliances and table and chairs, I am pondering painting part of this black, also.

As far as my fabric treasures, I got 3 white 22″ zippers, new in packages,  for $1.99 (purple tag), a piece of cream colored faux suede measuring 55″ wide by 110″ long for $3.99 (pink tag), and a piece of muslin (80″wide x 4 yards) for $2.99 (purple tag). I think the muslin was probably the best deal of the day. All of the fabric has been laundered and smells fresh. I am using some of the faux suede for one of my FNSI projects tonight.

The total for these 6 items adds up to $21.94. But to make the deal even sweeter, I had a coupon for 20% off so I reduced my cost by $4.40, and they do not charge sales tax so I walked out with all of these wonderful treasures for only $17.54!


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