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My Bright, Happy, Quilted Wall Hanging

Unfortunately, my sewing room is not the only room in the new house that I am working on.   I am not settled in as well as I would like to be, but it is getting there, slowly but surely. Even though it is not done, I have been feeling the need to sew/create something.  I have never really tried free motion / stipple quilting and knew that my first attempt should be on a small project.
I found a tutorial for a really bright, happy pillow that is raw edge appliqué and has a stippled background. It is for a 20 x 20 inch pillow, and I really have no need for a pillow that size, so I decided to make mine into a wall hanging instead.
Here is the inspiration photo:

The Flower Garden Pillow Tutorial can be found here.

Here is a photo diary of my progress along the way:

The first step was to print out the appliqué template and trace the shapes onto fusible web.

The shapes were then fused to a variety of fabric scraps.

Next, I cut out the shapes, arranged and then fused them to the fabric background.

After layering the backing, batting and top layer, I got to practice edge stitching the stems, free motion stitching the edges of the flowers, stems and bird and finally stipple quilt the rest of the background. Once all of that was done, I trimmed to square it up, added triangles for hanging in each of the corners on the backside and finished up with the binding.

I used the single fold binding technique and tried my hand at invisibly hand stitching the back of the binding.

Instead of using a sleeve on the back, I decided to fold  3” squares into triangles and attach at each of the 4 corners so that I could use 2 pieces of screen molding, top and bottom, to make it hang straighter and neater than it probably would have with just a sleeve.

This was a fun project that got me to try techniques that were new too me. It is far from perfect, but my goal was to learn and have fun and that is what I did. I plan to do more projects similar to this one to reinforce what I have learned.

(oops, I just realized that the bird doesn’t have an eye yet!)


This is now on the wall where I see it as I am entering my sewing room. It makes me smile as I walk through the door to my playroom.



  1. creativeinstincts

    Awesome. I am completely motivated to try my own.


  2. I love, love, love this! You must just smile every time you look at those pretty flowers and that cheerful little bird. Nicely done!

    • Thanks. Yes, I do smile when I see it, which is every time I walk into my sewing room!

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