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Podcasts, Podcasts and More Podcasts!!!

I was sitting here tonight catching up on some of my favorite blogs and decided that even though I don’t have any new projects to write about, I should post something on my blog. I decided to add the list of podcasts that I listen to to my sidebar.  (See list on right, under Podcasts.Blogs)

If you are not familiar with podcasts, you should give one or more of these a listen and see what you think. Maybe you will soon be hooked, too.
If you are already listening, then you probably recognize many, if not all, from the list.

When I learn of a new podcast that I am interested in listening to, I like to download all available episodes from iTunes and start with the oldest one and listen through to the newest. It is a great way to pass the time driving back and forth to work and while out walking or even more importantly, while I am in my sewing room.


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