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A place to share projects from my sewing room.

The New Floor ~ A Sewing Room Update

Yesterday I touched up the little paint “mistakes” from the day before and started installing the laminate floor. I purchased 10 boxes of Golden Amber Oak Laminate Flooring at Sam’s Club. There are 7 planks per box and each plank measures 47 7/8″L x 7 5/8″W.   A box covers 17.65 square feet.

I installed 6 of the 10 boxes  (14 rows) in about 4 hours.  They were full rows, from one wall to the other, with only having to cut the last piece of each row to fit the width of the room.

I have about 3 more full rows before I reach the closet and the entry area where I will need to do about 4 rows with more detailed cuts to get around corners and under door moldings.  I was very careful when I removed the baseboards and intend to re-use the same ones.  Hopefully, the floor will be completed today, but I don’t think I will get the baseboards finished.

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