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Getting Started on My New Sewing Room!

My husband and I just bought a foreclosure house to live in. We will be renting his house, which we currently live in, and have already rented out my house.
The foreclosure house doesn’t appear to have any structural or mechanical problems, and is actually in pretty good shape overall. I had to replace several of the window blinds, and the carpet is “okay”. The patio is painted a wild teal green with terra cotta colored carpet that is in bad shape. I have already started taking up the patio carpet and the patio will be painted to match the rest of the exterior of the house ASAP.
But the first and most important re-do is the room that will be my new sewing room.
I have already taken out the carpet and removed the baseboards in preparation for putting in laminate flooring. Since I don’t have to worry about dripping paint onto the floor, I painted the walls yesterday.

Here are the color swatches for deciding on the color.

The larger patch is a sample of Behr Interior Flat Laurel Leaf. It is too dark, so I added some swiss coffee paint that I had to lighten it up, but got it too light on the first try (upper light patch). I tried again, with less of the swiss coffee and got a color I was happy with (lower patch).  I took my final color mix to Home Depot and they mixed a gallon in eggshell finish.


I have painted one wall and am moving on to the next.    To the left, you can see the paint samples (hard to see, the photo is a little dark).


One wall finished, moving on to the second wall.


I finished most of the painting last night, but it was getting late and I needed to get home.  I still need to paint inside the window area and will probably need to do some touch up today before I start laying the floor.

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