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My Sewing Room ~ As it is Currently

We will be moving again very soon and I wanted to post a few photos of my sewing room as it currently is.
This is the “bonus” room. It is next to the single car garage and is the same size, measuring 10ft wide by 20ft long with no closet and 10ft ceilings. There is a very large window on the west wall, and doors near the window on the north and south walls.

****South Wall****

The short book case holds several 3 ring binders. My intention for the binders is to sort and store all of those instructional print outs and such that accumulate. The sewing table is a hollow core door sitting on top of 2 filing cabinets. The sewing/embroidery machine is an older Babylock Esanti and the serger is Babylock Evolve. I have 2 cork boards above, and the photo shows my AnitaGoodesign Santa’s Ride wall quilt pinned to one of them.


*****North Wall****

The tall cabinet holds several of my books, embroidery design cd’s, rolls of stabilizer, and much more. The sewing table is a top from a desk sitting on 2 Ikea storage units. The sewing/embroidery machine is my Brother Duetta 4500D. The thread racks were originally one large rack that I made to hang on the wall behind a door, but I recently cut in them in half so they could sit on the desk top. The wall quilt at the far end, above the ironing board, is Crazy Compass by Hoop Sisters.

****West Wall****

This is not really a sewing area, except for the bookcases on each end of the desk, which hold several magazines and books. The desk is my computer/printer area. The cart to the right under the desk is just a plastic 6 drawer unit for small items that I need to keep nearby. The window looks bare because we will not be living here long enough for me to decide what to put up.

****East Wall****
The east wall is just a large bare wall with a flat panel tv on a stand.


  1. Just thought I would stop by after I saw your comments on my sewing space. I used a door on two filing cabinets for many years. I have also moved my stuff around to different rooms and different spaces, so many times I have lost count. It looks great.

  2. I’m so jealous of your space and storage! I have a small bedroom and I’m feeling constantly cramped in there. Not a lot of light either.

    Your setup is really nice and flows really well!

    • I will only have this huge room for a few more weeks. My new sewing room will still be a nice size at 11 x 12 feet, not including the closet. The window won’t be quite as large as the current one, but the new one will look out onto the front yard/street rather than out to the driveway. I will post new photos when I get settled in.
      This past six months is the first time I have had my own room dedicated to just sewing/computer and I appreciate having it. The only reason I have one now is that the boys are grown and no longer live with me ~ a bittersweet trade.

  3. Hi June,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I noticed that there was no return email address attached to your comment about my sewing room, so I thought I would stop by here. I also noticed that you area hygienist…me too!! You’re the first one I’ve met through blogging. About the painting in my sewing room…first off I don’t like painting and always want the project finished yesterday LOL. I didn’t sand or prime. I used Ralph Lauren satin finished paint. I loved that paint, but our Home Depot doesn’t carry it any more. I was thinking about trying Martha Stewart’s paint. I haven’t had any problems with chipping or peeling, but the pieces I used didn’t have a shiny surface. I used a brush on the small areas and roller on the rest…the roller really speeds up the process.
    I was reading that you are moving! Good luck with that. What part of the country are you in? I live in Rhode Island. I’ve been a hygienist for 25 years…30 total in the dental office. Just work three days a week now.
    Hope to get to know you better through blogging and have fun putting your new room together.

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