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Only 2 More Days…..

Less than 2 days (this coming Sunday afternoon) and I finally get to see my finished Round Robin quilt top.

January 18th was the last time that I saw it.

At that time it was just the center that you see in the photo below (top left) and described in this post.

Center Blocks for Round Robin that I am Participating In.

Since then, according to the guidelines that we were to follow:

Round 1. Sharon added a 3″ border that was to include triangles.

Round 2. Lindsay added setting triangles that put the center block and border on point and included embellishment of her choice.

Round 3. Cheryl added a 4″ border that was to include rectangles.  And now…

Round 4.Tammy has it and gets to add the final border which really has no current guideline.

I have no idea what the borders look like that these ladies have chosen to add for their round.

I do hear that it looks pretty awesome, though.

I do know what all of their quilt tops look like, and they are definitely amazing.

Well, it is a very good thing that I did not post any updated photos of the quilt tops that I have worked on in this Round Robin.

I just learned from participant Cheryl that she ran across my blog tonight.

Sorry, Cheryl.  You have to wait until Sunday, too!

My New Tote Bag

Several years ago, I got a basic tote with Dental Lab advertising on it at the Dental Convention.  
It is sturdy, just the right size and easy to tote along with me, but in no way is it attractive.

I have been planning on making a pretty tote forever!

Well, I finally did it.

My new Dream Machine has some fun Disney Characters in a very large format.

I decided to stitch Minnie on a 20″ square of fabric, hoping that this might be the beginning of my new tote.

Here is her progress, beginning to end:

Let the Embroidery Begin!
A blank slate. Let the quilting begin!

Her shoes are first to stitch.

Then her cute little legs.

Gotta love that red polka dotted dress.

And a matching bow.

There are her ears!

Finished Embroidering
Finished Embroidering!
Isn’t she cute?

My New Tote Bag
She is perfect on my new bag.
Now I just need to make some coordinating zip pouches to keep things organized inside.

I Wish I Could Share What I Am Working On!

I really want to share pictures of what I am working on, but I can’t.

I am participating in a Round Robin with 5 other quilters.

We are each not allowed to see the progress on our own quilt top until “The Big Reveal”, which will be in about 2 months. So I can not share photos of the progress in case one of the participants looks here or on Flickr.

I can, however, show what our blocks started out like.

Center Blocks for Round Robin that I am Participating In.

Mine is the top left.  

So far I have worked on the one on the right in the center row, with the Mariner’s Compass,  and the bottom left, with the blue St. Nick.

Two rounds done.  We will do 2 more rounds and then finally get to see our own again.

As of today, I now have the top right block, with the pointy squares.

We had show and tell today and they are progressing amazingly!

As we do Show and Tell, the maker of the center block must leave the room while the rest of us oohhh and aahhh over the beauty that is presented.

Happy New Year! (Way Late, Of Course!)

Be productive or write a blog post?

I really like to document the projects that I have going on by blogging about them, but I can’t seem to be productive and write about my projects, too.  I always want to write too much.  So instead, I have written nothing for many months.

I am going to try to change that.

I think that if I share photos of my work, either in process, or complete with just a minimal description, I might be able to keep up better.



Keep It Simple, Silly!

I will start back today by sharing a quilt block that I made using fabric that I am sharing with my quilt group.

Each month for the past six months, two members of our group bring 12 Fat Quarters of their chosen fabric to be handed out to each of the group members.  Each member then uses that Fat Quarter and additional fabrics of their choosing  to make a 12” quilt block for the person that provided the Fat Quarter. The block maker choose that block design, as long as it makes a 12.5” unfinished block.   The following month, the person that gave the fat quarters will get back their completed blocks.

Last night was my turn to give out Fat Quarters.

Here is the fabric that I chose to share.
My Fabric Choice for Sharing at Quilt Group

Here is a block that I made using that fabric.
The Block that I Made Using My Fabric Choice

I can’t wait until next month to see the blocks that I get back.

Dyeing 103 – The Color Wheel(s)

Last Friday, I had the house all to myself for the entire day.

This meant play day, all day long for me.

I decided that it would be a great day to dye fabric.

A few months ago, I signed up for another of Candy’s online fabric dyeing classes.  This one is  Dyeing 103: Multi-Colored Cotton Fabric.

The first project for this class is to use 3 primary colors to dye 12 different colors and make a color wheel.

I started with 3 yards of a  White on White Feather Print and divided it into 12 Fat Quarters.

12 Hand Dyed Fat Quarters

The smaller squares attached to each piece (they were attached all the way through the dye process) started as a solid white muslin so that I could also get the result of dyeing the plain white without having to do an entire piece, right now.

As I was pressing these finished fat quarters, I was thinking about the White Snowflakes on White Fabric that I recently saw at my LQS, and how much I would like colorful snowflake fabric, too.

Since this was Christmas in July Sale Week, I stopped in and bought 3 yards.
Snowflake Fabrics 2 Shades of 12 Colors
This time, I decided to do Fat Eighths, in 2 shades of the same colors used for the feathers fabric.

The shading is very subtle on some of the colors and more noticable on others.
Snowflakes and Feathers Hand Dyes
Here they are, all together.

My first project with my newly hand dyed fabrics.

I just had to make a small project using the new fabrics!

(Not the best fabric/project combo, but it was fun to make.)

The flower is from  the book Aunt Millie’s Garden.

I digitized the flower for machine embroidery and used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut the applique pieces.

Twelve Step Color Wheel - Naturals Primaries x 4


Even though I used the same dye stock for each fabric, I made a color wheel for each one to record the difference between plain fabric and printed fabrics, as well as the subtle differences between the concentrations of the dyes on the same fabrics.

Play time is such a fun way to learn!

A Quick Saturday Morning Project

I got my first embroidery machine way back in February of 1996.

It had a 4″ hoop that I did most of my embroidery with,  and a multi-position hoop (but still only a 4″ x 4″ stitch area) that I only used a couple of times.

Duelling Duettas
Since then, I have upgraded to not just one, but two, Brother Duetta 4500D machines.

Here they are, last December, working together on my (still unfinished) Go! BeDazzled  embroidery project.

Over these 18 plus years, I have accumulated a LOT of machine embroidery designs.

I like to keep these designs backed up onto external hard drives.
Storage pouch for external HD
Early this morning, I decided that today is the day that I will make a zippered case for storing a hard drive and it’s cable.

The  embroidered flower design is from

Storage pouch for external HD
Both, the drive and cable,  fit nicely, inside.
Storage pouch for external HD
Just the right size!
Storage pouch for external HD
Here, the drive and cable are zipped safely away.
Now I just need to make myself 3 more.

Three Birds – One Stone

My week off of work is flying by!

Today I am taking care of 3 birds with just one stone.

Bird #1 – The Baseboards:

Working on new baseboards and catching up on some Craftsy classes.

I have not made near as much progress on the baseboard install process as I had hoped that I would, but I am making some progress.

We have the rounded “bullnose” corners through out the house.  The old baseboards had rounded corner pieces as connectors.

 New round ones were going to cost about $3.50 each and I need 27.  Ouch!

Bullnose corner connectors for new baseboards

I decided to try to cut beveled corners instead.

Instead of purchasing rounded connectors, I am cutting angles for the bull nose corners.

I am VERY happy with this alternative.

Once the joints are caulked and painted, they will look great!

 The boards are cut,  painted and ready to install in the hall bathroom, one of the hallways, and the kitchen/family room.

Time to put the nail gun into action!

I still have the other hall way, the entry and the laundry room to start on.

The living/dining room and master bedroom will be the very last areas since they still have the old baseboards in place.  We left the carpet in these areas.

** ** **

Bird #2 – Learning, learning, learning:

Working on new baseboards and catching up on some Craftsy classes.

My entertainment, while working on the baseboards, is “watching” several Craftsy classes.

Mostly, I am leaning by listening, but I do stop frequently when I hear something that I am not so familiar with or have been wondering about and will watch with my eyes.

I also watch when I need to sit and take a break.

** ** **

Bird #3 – Trying to win some more Craftsy classes:


On July 1st, I got an e-mail from Craftsy announcing their  “Watch and Win” contest.

Who ever watches the most minutes of Craftsy classes during the month of July will win some free classes.

Since I am off this week and I need the entertainment, I am racking up the minutes while I can.

** ** **

Not another bird, but an update on my Big Star Quilt:

Making progress on the Big Star quilt.


I pieced the other 13  blocks for the Big Star quilt that I am working on.

(I need a bigger design floor!)

I need to arrange the layout so that the blocks with the darker star points are scattered more evenly through out.

I also need to “snowball” the corners of each block before joining them with sashing strips and corner stones.

This won’t be finished before I go back to work, but I am happy with what I have accomplished so far.

I still have 4 more days, but tomorrow is a play day.  I get to go hang out with my sewing friends.

Making Progress on a UFO- The Big Star Quilt

I enjoy watching the video tutorials by Missouri Star Quilt Company.
I came across this one a while back and decided that I was going to make it – King Size.

Well, I gathered my fabrics and got started.

I made 3 of 12 blocks before this became a UFO.

I managed to get 3 blocks assembled before this project went into a project box and was put into the closet and became a UFO for several months.


I have the entire week of 4th of July off from work and I would love to finish this quilt top and get it quilted.

That’s a full 10 days off, but I also have many other distractions, including painting walls and installing baseboards in several areas of the house.  This is stuff I NEED to do.

This quilt is something that I really WANT to do.


I pulled out the project box a couple of days ago and have made good progress.

Ready to cut into HST's.
I sewed around the edges of the remaining block sets.

Cut and grouped for assembly.

Then they were then cut from corner to corner in both directions, grouped together and are ready to press open.

HST's are pressed open. Time to assemble some blocks.

HST’s are pressed open. Time to assemble some blocks.

Now I just need to spend some time with a movie and my sewing machine.

The blocks are big, at around 24″,I hope 12 blocks, along with sashing, will be enough.  I will figure that out later.

(I am pretty positive that I am going to need to add 4 more blocks to make it the right size.)

  I really hope that I can stay focused on the project enough to get it done this week.

My FNSI Project is Finished

Yesterday I showed the floor quilt/mat that I was in the process of making for my dog.

It was my project for Friday Night Sew In.

I am happy to report that I finished it today.

The top was quilted before the back was attached.  A zipper opening near the top of the back allowed my to insert a piece of foam after washing and drying the quilt/mat.

The outer edges are finished with binding.

Finished and in use.


I think she likes it!

She likes to lay near me when I am in my chair in the family room.

We recently took out the carpet in this room and replaced it with tile.

I know that she likes the coolness of the tile, but it is nice to have a softer option, too.

The next Friday Night Sew In will be July 18th.

You are welcome to sew along with the rest of us!

FNSI: My Project

It has been forever. since I was able to participate in Friday Nigh Sew In.  Last night I FINALLY got to participate again.

My FNSI was actually Friday Afternoon Sew In.

Piecing in Progress

A while back, I pieced a floor quilt/mat for my dog.

It has been patiently waiting to be quilted and finished up.

Quilted & Trimmed.  Ready to finish.

Well, thanks to FNSI, I had a motivator to make progress. I only got so far as quilting it, but any progress is progress, right?

  I knew I wanted a paws design scattered over the surface.

Quilt design prepared for marking quilt.

In the center of a sheet of printer paper, I drew a design that looked to me like a dog paw.

 I then unthreaded the needle on my Tiara so that I could stitch through the design, leaving a pattern that could be transferred with a pounce pad.

As the needle punches through the paper, the back side of the paper has more texture than the front side.  I like the texture to face up when using the pounce pad.




I just randomly rotated the design over the surface.


The powder left a nice image for me to just trace over with quilting.  Each paw was connected with a loopy travel stitch.

Quilted & Trimmed.  Ready to finish.

It is quilted and trimmed, but not yet finished.

My plan is to make a pillow case type of back, with an opening, so that I have the option of inserting a thin pillow or cushion.

The edges will be finished with binding, so that it can be used as a “floor quilt” if I decide against any additional insert.